Can't wait for another event to book him.
 -Penny Whisker

 Highly reliable, professional, and entertaining
 -Paul M. Vernacchio

 Took our party over the top!
 -Neal P.

 Mixology expertise second to none.
 -Jessica Presley

 Still getting calls from party guests about Fire.
 -Randy Smith

FIRE has been pouring drinks since a young age. Now 30 years later he has poured over 50,000 drinks and done over 10,000 events in USA, Italy, France and Germany. He incorporated his talents as a chef into cocktail making and worked for six years to perfect his special gourmet mixes.

For FIRE it's about making your night a memorable one by creating the right atmosphere. He comes prepared for it.

 Our guests raved about the specialties.
 -Sonja Jackson

 Absolutely phenomenal.

 -Kalischa S.

 All my guests were mesmerized by cocktails/drinks made   by Fire.

 -Prashant G