“Nobody does cocktails like me because I create all my own mixes to enhance your event. I am a splash of originality.” 
― Fire


Fire has been bartending on and off for over 30 years. He has worked in some of the most exciting locations in the world, like California, New York, Italy and Germany.
He now resides in the Atlanta area where he has taken the art of bartending to whole new level by offering mobile bartending services in Atlanta and all surrounding areas.

My goal is to make your event a night to remember... by the way I take care of your guests... to the creative and very tasty cocktails I make. I'm a very unique and creative bartender... because I have incorporated my talents as a chef into my cocktail making… by creating my own special syrups and mixes from all kinds of fresh fruits with unique ingredients and a complex process...which allows me to pretty much create my own flavor profile to enhance the guests' total experience with originality. 

If you are looking for an amazing, creative, professional and charming bartender for your next event...look no further. I am the right choice for your special day! I will exceed your expectations in every way! My service is all about creating the right atmosphere with designing that special and unique drink menu that not only is informative to your guests on what I am serving but also gives that extra appeal to the bar. 

I also come prepared with everything and anything I need to do my thing...I provide my own portable bar setup with a marble flair when a bar in not provided or the client would prefer a different location for the setup... I am there to help you with whatever it takes to make your event a major hit!!